By Green Hippo

Ahoy, coffee lovers and their coffee-loving friends!

To celebrate the opening of our second restaurant and thank all our loyal customers, we decided to give you unlimited access to our famous, shockingly cheap and yummy filter coffee.


13,99 € / month

How the heck does it work?

1. When you sign up, you receive a personal QR-code. You can then scan that code at the cashiers in our restaurants in Punavuori and Kallio to claim your coffee.

2. You can drink your coffee in the restaurant, combine it with food or take it to go, up to you!

3. The only restrictions are that the QR-code is personal and can only be used when buying filter coffee for yourself. Cancel anytime.


13,99 € / month

Invite your friends to earn free months

Wait, what - there’s more!?

Yes, coffee lovers’ friends were mentioned. If you get your friend to sign up with your personal invitation, you’ll get free one-month unlimited access to our filter coffee.


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For how long do I need to commit?

You pay one month at a time, just like Netflix. The billing automatically happens every 30 days if you don’t cancel.

How do I cancel my subscription?

In the email with QR-code that you receive, you have a link to your personal account. There, you can cancel. The subscription then cancels at the end of the billing cycle.

Can I buy coffee subscriptions as a gift?

Yes, contact us at feedme@greenhippocafe.rocks and we will help you out!

I lost my QR-code, what do I do?

No worries, just contact us at feedme@greenhippocafe.rocks and we will re-send it!

The QR-code didn’t arrive in my e-mail after signing up, what do I do?

Sometimes, the QR-code email go to your junk mail. Check there first. If you can’t find us, email us and we will re-send it!

How do I earn free months?

If you share your personal promo code with a friend who signs up, you get a free month of coffee and your friend gets the first month for 50 % off. The system automatically gives you a free month and suspends billing until you’re out of free months. You can earn up to 12 months of free coffee by signing up friends.

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